Nahid Hasan Munna

Nahid Hasan Munna
Founder and CEO, Nahid24
Teacher | Writer | Speaker | Digital Creator

Nahid Hasan Munna (Bengali: নাহিদ হাসান মুন্না) is a popular teacher, writer, founder, and CEO of Nahid24. Nahid24 is one of the largest online education platforms in Bangladesh. You can find it on Youtube & Google Play Store. Every day, he teaches more than 2 lakh students on YouTube and Facebook for free. His reputation among academic and admission test students is now as a young writer who has brought a sense of novelty beyond writing. 

Early Life and Education

He was born on 18 October 2000 in Uttar Durakuti village in the Kishoreganj Upazila of Nilphamari district. His father’s name is Md. Monowarul Islam, and his mother’s name is Bilkish Begum. He passed secondary from Kishoriganj M.L Model High School in Nilphamari district and higher secondary from Rangpur Border Guard Public School and College. Then he graduated from the Department of Information Science and Library Management, University of Rajshahi.


He loves to teach students. From that love, he founded the education-based online platform ‘Nahid24’ in 2015. With the help of this platform, information and lectures on various academic and other subjects are created and videos are made available to the people for free. Thus, Nahid Hasan Munna has made a huge contribution to making education easily available. He also regularly creates educational content on social media to help students develop their career counseling and thinking. He is also the publisher of Nahid24 Publications, which is a very popular name among HSC and admission students.


Now he is not only a content creator but also a publisher and writer. His book ‘Bangla A Plus’ written for HSC students, is now the best seller in Rokomari.
Moreover, his books, ICT Magic, GK Magic, Bangla Magic, English Magic, and Witten Magic, are very popular among students who want to be admitted to public universities.

The story of the “Nahid24” YouTube channel, which was formed on the power of criticism.

Nahid Hasan Munna was criticized by his friends for his educational and creative work on YouTube while in college.
He is so popular that he has students in almost every college, madrasa, and university in the country. And to the admission students, he is known as the “Magic Sir.”

Although Nahid24 is currently one of the best educational online platforms in Bangladesh, But its initial journey has not been smooth. He told us that in 2015, when he was a college student, uploading educational videos on YouTube, many people used to make fun of him and question his qualifications. Even though his video was standard, he did not have a varsity tag, so he had to wear it in the face of various criticisms.

He could not explain to them that varsity tags are not enough to make educational videos. According to him, “The person who wants to teach something must have the knowledge inside himself and the must-have skill to present the subject in front of the students nicely and simply.
He also said that when he asked a friend to grab the back camera of his mobile phone for the first video shoot, the friend grabbed him for 2 minutes and said, ‘Damn crazy, who will watch this video of yours!’ Nahid Hasan Munna said that one of his friends once joked to him, “How many 24 don’t get rice, and you are coming Nahid24!” Hundreds of omissions and criticisms have resulted in the realization of his Nahid24 dream.Today, the Nahid24 channel has surpassed 2 lakh subscribers, and this number is increasing every day.

However, those critical friends now seek his advice on how to do better in life. This is the hard truth of life. When you try to do something good in life, others will try to pull you back down. Because they never want you to succeed in life. So, to be successful in life, according to Nahid Hasan Munnar, you should not lose your desire to work in the criticism of others. Turn criticism into strength, achieve something good in life, answer it, prove yourself worthy. Force the critic to praise you.

Nahid Hasan Munna’s Quotes (English)

  1. A beautiful girl is your temporary happiness, but the success of your life is lifetime happiness.
  2. Everyone in this world wants to be successful, to be the companion of successful people.
  3. This world is so cruel – so cruel that the tears in your eyes are just a joke to them.

নাহিদ হাসান মুন্নার উক্তি

  1. এই পৃথিবীতে সবাই সফল হতে চায়, সফল মানুষের সঙ্গি হতে চায়।
  2. এই পৃথিবী এত নিষ্ঠুর – এত নিষ্ঠুর যে তোমার চোখের কান্না তাদের কাছে উপহাসের বিষয় মাত্র।

Name:  Nahid Hasan Munna 

Date of Birth: 18 october 2000

Place of Birth: Nilphamari, Bangladesh

Height: 1.75 meters

Education: BSS, Information Science & Library Management, University of Rajshahi 

Occupation:  Writer, Publisher & CEO of Nahid24

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