Nahid Hasan Munna is a renowned writer and teacher to HSC and university admission candidates

At present, Nahid Hasan Munna has become the favorite teacher and writer of the students. University admission candidates from all over the country from town to village know him as Magic Sir. We learned from the students that Nahid Hasan Munna Sir presents any difficult topic in the simplest language. That is why the students like him more. His Bengali poetry, grammar, and ICT classes have become much more popular. Nahid Hasan Munna is known as a teacher as well as a writer. The Bangla A Plus book written by him for HSC students is now the No. 1 best seller in Rokomari!


Besides, all his other books like Bangla Magic, English Magic, GK Magic, ICT Magic, and Written Magic have spread among the students. Nahid24 & Nahid Hasan Munna, through these 2 YouTube channels he got acquainted with all the students. Founded in 2015, the Nahid24 educational online platform has grown into a large family of 200,000 members today. Thousands of students are now able to prepare for admission at home only through Nahid24.


Nahid Hasan Munna dreams that one-day basic education will be free for all. The students from the poor house will never say that he is not able to coach due to lack of money, this is his dream.

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